What are the critics are saying about Cigar Store?

Performed in a manner that will appear to audiences both traditional and contemporary, this band tears it up ...

My only regret was that the album ended so soon. It isn't a short album...almost an hour in length, but I found myself so drawn in by the tunes that I hated to see it end...I found myself listening to this one over and over, never tiring of it.

The song writing is spectacular, the musicianship superb and even the packaging is delightful. This one gets two thumbs up. This is as good as it gets!

Bill Wilson - Reflections in Blue

The Smoke Wagon Blues Band has been winning fans over everywhere they perform. With Cigar Store now available, they will win over even more. This is a must have album for all blues fans.

Steve Crowley - American Blues Scene

This CD is indeed a new blues classic! These guys got everything: fabulous musicians, great songwriting, and can play anything! Unwavering in their pursuit of the real thing, their hard work has certainly paid off on this one! I have had the pleasure of listening to some really good blues bands this past month and these guys certainly rank right up at the top!

Blue Barry – Smoky Mountain Blues Society

Lights up and heats up the night with a solid party vibe that just doesn't quit!

Chris Spector - Midwest Records

This sextet is playing almost entirely original material, and the gritty voice of front man Corey Lueck combined with the soulful backing, reminds me at times of Joe Cocker going back to his Mad Dogs & Englishmen sound. You can’t help but get up and start moving

Jim Hynes - Elmore Magazine NYC

Some pretty intense tracks on this album, This band is a true representation of Hamilton's scene..

Travis Rump - Canadian Beat

Check out the sultry "I Tried", with its subtle nod to Jimmy Reed, featuring some heart wrenching keyboard, guitar and saxophone. Or the slow-burning, late night blues of Set Me Free. And then there’s the title track, Cigar Store, which begins with some rolling piano blues before the storytelling begins and then some old-timey, foot-tapping blues. But all the songs are strong, there’s good fun here and there, and some sizzling musicianship on display. All in all, you’re in for a treat. Go get it!

Down at the Crossroads

Gritty Vocals, Stout Guitar, punchy Sax, soulful organ, biting slide solo’s and blues harp, the band is tight!

“Cigar Store" has plenty to recommend

Malcolm Kennedy - Washington Blues Society

Lueck’s whiskey soaked vocals and harmonica playing is fabulous throughout the recording. But that’s not all, this is a well balanced band and a thoroughly enjoyable recording.

Richard Ludmerer - Making a Scene - Atlanta

The Smoke Wagon Blues Band is full of extremely talented players. Cigar Store is goes back to a time when great chops and solid storytelling were all important- it’s a really cool place to visit. Cigar Store is your atypical good time blues album - this is well played and fun

The Rock Doctor - UK

The Smoke Wagon Blues Band are known for their red-hot live shows—just ask the folks last January down at Club 152 on Beale during the IBC's. You can get a good grasp of what they’re all about by giving a listen to “Cigar Store!” The cool thing about this band is their unique versatility and flexibility in playing various styles of blues, and this set is full of ’em

Sheryl and Don Crow WordPress

The blues-based set shines... The excellent program, which draws on R&B,Jazz, and rock. features a dozen songs written or co-written by band members, plus a funky reading of "Mean Old Lady" by the late Canadian blues artist Richard Newell (aka King Biscuit Boy). Highlights include "I Can't Change" a beautifully sung sax-spiced ballad, and the New Orleans-influenced "You've Been a Good Old Wagon" which sounds redolent of Dr. John in his prime.

Jeff Burger, No Depression, The Morton Report, Jeffburger.com

Full of Passion and energy, you will enjoy every moment of this wonderful blues band.

Rudolf's Music Magazine - Netherlands

"Cigar Store" The Smoke Wagon Blues Band delivers exactly fifty minutes of diverse musical stories, that will make you go wild

Eric Schuurmans - Roots Time Magazine - Belgium

Sounds absolutely inspired and incredibly impressive. Their music is a blend of southern blues with the atmosphere of New Orleans. Hot blues you can imagine hearing in many juke joint bars across the Mississippi. for example, in Sarah's Kitchen juke joint in Clarksdale. The album flows from track to track the whole band sounds so-trained, and tremendously spontaneously. fantastic band

Mladen Loncar - Sound Gardien - Croatia

Cigar Store is a very good album
Walter Vanheuckelom - Concert Monkey Magazine - Netherlands

Corey Lueck, a remarkable singer and harmonic player with his unique voice. We will particularly appreciate the intervention of saxophone or piano without forgetting the place held by the harmonica. A solid formation that practices damn good music!

Gilbert Bereau - Sur La Route De Memphis Magazine - France

After listening to "Cigar Store" it is easy to understand why The Smoke Wagon Blues Band gets so much praise and of course, we also demand that they come to our region because we need more of their warm soulful blues
Rootsville Magazine - Belgium

These experienced and passionate musicians make some swinging raw blues. Cigar Store somewhere between down home blues, swamp blues and R & B. Up-tempo and ballads alternate nicely. From start to finish, it is enjoyable. My favorite songs: "Cigar Store"' being quiet when talking blues beginning and midway as it were explodes, and the ballad "Set me Free" -- Recommended!!!

Eric Campfens - Barn Owl Blues - Netherlands


Cigar Store is one of those albums that can be listened to invariably at any time of the day, try it for sure!

Fed Delforge - ZicaZac Records - France

This band has been working their magic....  They have honed their skills, work together as a single unit and know that very often, less is more...   

The seven folks who make up The Smoke Wagon Blues Band play incredibly well together.  Their original compositions show them to be very well-rooted in not only the music known as blues, but the history, traditions and folklore surrounding it all.  Blues has always been more than just a musical form.  It is based on and intricately intertwined in the everyday life of those who perform it.  Very often the songs tell a story...and the storyteller often bares his or her soul in the telling of these tales.  Such is the case with Cigar Store.  

Holding largely to the "old-school" tradition, but performed in a manner that will appear to audiences both traditional and contemporary, this band tears it up on 13 tunes.  My only regret was that the album ended so soon.  It isn't a short album...almost an hour in length, but I found myself so drawn in by the tunes that I hated to see it end.  I guess that is why modern equipment has a replay function.  

I found myself listening to this one over and over, never tiring of it.  The songwriting is spectacular, the musicianship superb and even the packaging is delightful.  This one gets two thumbs up.  This is as good as it gets.

Bill Wilson - Reflections in Blue

Cigar Store, is sure to become a fan favorite, and then some.

Cigar Store sports some really fine playing, including songs like “Must’ve Read It Wrong.” ... is a mere taste of what other charms this winning album has to offer...

“Directly Under Her Thumb” will see listeners dancing up a storm.  Though the shortest track on the album, this is sure to be a favorite. 

The title track is the polar opposite of “Directly Under Her Thumb.” Beginning in a ballad-like style, “Cigar Store” slowly builds from a narrative that explodes right around the halfway point of the song with every band member letting go, their unique individual talents fully on display.

For those who gravitate more towards a down and dirty in your face attitude, along with a hard-hitting gut wrenching beat, “White Mule” provides a darker side to the album.  For a funky feel, “Mean Old Lady” gets our vote.  With a groovy horn section, this is one number that James Brown, George Clinton or Chuck Brown would enjoy.

“I Can’t Change,” is the love song on the album.  The song tells the tale of how so many men try to change their bad habits or same old same old ways to get the woman they are seeking to win over.  It’s an honest number that will tug at the heartstrings.

The Smoke Wagon Blues Band has been winning fans over everywhere they perform. With Cigar Store now available, they will win over even more. This is a must have album for all blues fans.

Steve Crowley - American Blues Scene

The cool thing about this band is their unique versatility and flexibility in playing various styles of blues, and this set is full of ’em.  The sax and keys work make for some fine funk and soul-blues cuts, and you can find those in the leadoff tale of a man who’s had all he can take, “somebody hand me my Walking Cane!”  The fellows revisit that funk later on, as Corey bemoans his “Mean Old Lady with a heart of stone,” but, “I just can’t leave her alone!”  Jump-blues driven by piano and horn is the theme of a lover who’s definitely the “queen bee,” and has Corey “Directly Under Her Thumb.”  And, the set closes on a ragtime-y note, as Corey gives a lover the real bad news, “You’ve Been A Good Old Wagon, but you done broke down!”

In between all these, we had several favorites, again done in varying styles.  The Biblical healing power  of “going down to the river to wash my hands of sin” is the message of the somber, powerful, “Set Me Free.”  Equally as impressive is a Delta-blues-inspired tale of the Civil War and the Underground Railroad, where to “Put The Quilt Out To Dry in the window sill” was a sign of a safe haven.  And, back on a humorous note, Corey’s the man who learned a lot from “a bathroom stall” and “girlie magazines,” but, sadly, “Must’ve Read It Wrong!”

The Smoke Wagon Blues Band are known for their red-hot live shows—just ask the folks last January down at Club 152 on Beale during the IBC”s.  You can get a good grasp of what they’re all about by giving a listen to “Cigar Store!” 

Sheryl and Don Crow Word Press

A couple of weeks ago, when reviewing Canadian Colin James’ latest effort, I mentioned how Canada has some very strong regional blues hot spots, none stronger than Ontario. According to perhaps Canada’s premier blues voice, Stony Plain President Holger Petersen, Canadians are more familiar with their native artists than those from the states. That axiom probably holds true in reverse, as I had not heard of the Smoke Wagon Blues Band, a unit from Hamilton, Ontario... until this release. In fact, the cartoonish nature of the CD cover art would likely cause the unaware to either turn away or not take them seriously. As Willie Dixon said, “You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover.” This sextet is playing almost entirely original material, and the gritty voice of front man Corey Lueck combined with the soulful backing, reminds me at times of Joe Cocker going back to his Mad Dogs & Englishmen sound.

The band has three Hamilton Music Award nominations for Blues Album of the year and a Maple Blues Award nomination for Best New Blues Artist. The group’s last two albums were international hits, reaching the top of the roots and blues charts and wide acclaim in several publications. The band played the Memphis Blues Challenge and wowed crowds on Beale Street for three nights.  They have taken this recent momentum to deliver 50 minutes of some great storytelling tunes that feature tales of the Yukon, New Orleans, voodoo, the Underground Railroad, lost loves and even moonshining. You’ll hear R&B, swamp and stomp... You can’t help but get up and start moving.

-Jim Hynes Elmore Magazine



Thank you to The Grand River Blues Society and all the fans and judges for selecting us to represent them at the Memphis Blues Challenge 




John Vermilyea, Blues Underground Network
"Live In Hamilton" marks the second great album I have received from The Smoke Wagon Blues Band... This kind of stuff just doesn't come around on a daily basis anymore... Wow... I chose "Drinking Hard And Steady" from the album as my favorite song of the year and picked the album as #8 in my Blues Underground Network's Top 10 Canada/USA Blues Rock Albums... "Live In Hamilton", in all it's glory, continues to show us all why I was so excited when I first heard this amazing band.

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, the hot bed of Blues and Blues Rock music in Canada, The Smoke Wagon Blues Band continue to get outstandingly good reviews not only for their Albums, but also for their Live shows. "Live In Hamilton" certainly puts all that into perspective as they offer up 71 minutes of top notch Blues Rock that is second to none.

When it came to picking favorites on "Live In Hamilton", The Smoke Wagon Blues Band certainly did not make it easy as this album was one of the more enjoyable ones I have listened to...

Opening Tracks either make or break the album, of which further adding to the gamble is choosing a Cover for your opening Track. With "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone", The Smoke Wagon Blues Band took that gamble and, as far as I am concerned, they made a really good choice to start off "Live In Hamilton". I really love "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone", but I have not really heard it that often as a Cover, for which The Smoke Wagon Blues Band did an exceptional job, showing off their skills by combining their thoughtful interpretation, with their brilliant sense of improvisation.

"Josephine", was one of my favorite songs off of their previous album "It Ain't Easy", and was a real treat for me to hear this one done in a Live setting. This song, to me, represents the purist sound that is the The Smoke Wagon Blues Band. All that makes this band magical comes together in this one song, with great Vocals, subtle Sax, searing Guitar work, keys to die for, all wrapped up with rock solid Drum and Bass work. Kind of reminds me of the band Traffic, at times, especially the jamming parts.

I am not one for Country music, unless it comes from the likes of Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson, so when I do hear a Country song that catches my attention, I am quite pleased. "Barton Street Blues" was such a Country song, full of a lot of playful energy with the band all singing together and sounding like they and the audience were having a great time. Nice Job...

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Track 13 "Feeling Of The Witch", takes its turn at simply wowing me, with a jam of not one but two of my favorites songs, "Feelin' Alright" and "Season of The Witch". This beauty goes on for over 10 minutes, offering up more than enough time for each and every member to lay down some really mean solo efforts. This beauty was my #1 favorite Track on "Live In Hamilton". Simply Amazing...

When I got home from work one day and seen this album waiting for me I was super happy and when I finished listening to it, for the first time, I was super impressed.

5***** for "Live In Hamilton"... A really great effort from a really great Canadian band.

Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

Additional Artist Inflast album were, "After listening to "It Ain't Easy", I quickly decided to add it to my short list for Best Canadian Blues Album (Band) for 2012. It i


"Blues in Britain"  

The Smoke Wagon Blues Band – Live In Hamilton  SWBBCD05
The Smoke Wagon Blues Band are one of the hottest bands on the blues circuit today – as this live set... aptly demonstrates.
Blessed with a soulful blues singer and talented harmonica player... hugely talented musicians... and a “kick-ass” rhythm section...this band delivers hot blues of the highest order.
The set opens with Bill withers ‘Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone’ – Lueck’s raw, soulful vocals underpinned by smoky sax, jazzy late-night piano and Stubbs enigmatic fretwork with each of his notes a blues in its own right.
‘Hen House Hopping’ is an apt title for a slab of 50’s R&B that allows the band stretch out – ‘Josephine’ is a horn-fuelled funky blues that rides a percolating Bo Diddley rhythm that complements Lueck’s wailing harp and Stubbs' strident guitar to perfection – ‘Lonesome Whistle Blues’ has a strong Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee feel and comes replete with choppy guitar, “down in the alley” piano and baying sax – whilst Muddy’s ‘Blow wind Blow’ is given a swinging workout replete with George Smith styled harp, sashaying sax and rock’n’roll piano.
Add in the pure Crescent City mood of ‘Feeling Of the Witch’ with it’s Longhair piano – and the broiling ‘Barton Street Blues’ with it’s ‘Honky Tonk Woman’ feel – and you have a set that it is easy to recommend.  (www.smokewagonbluesband.com)
Mick Rainsford

 "these guys are tearing up the Canadian blues scene and listening to this live CD, it is not difficult to understand why"

Blues In The Northwest 

"The Smoke Wagon Blues Band are one of the hottest bands on the blues circuit today – as this live set, aptly demonstrates"

Blues in Britian 

 “Live In Hamilton” is everything a live album should be–excellent material and musicianship, with everyone–onstage and off–having a great time!! 

Cheryl and Don Crow "World Press" 

"The perfect antidote to manufactured pop! this is music like the kind that used to get you off on a regular basis. Smoking all the way, this is smoke that brings the fire as well"

Midwest Records 

"Live In Hamilton is a living example of what a first- rate live album can be, for those of you who enjoy great live albums this is a must have" 

American Blues Scene 

 "It's a cool jam with serious musicianship paired with a lot of fun"

Blues Report 

 "There’s nothing artificial about “Live in Hamilton” – it’s a refreshing and honest performance from musicians who have paid their dues with an audience which appreciates integrity and…good, hugely enjoyable music"

Down At The Crossroads 

"Like the earliest blues performers, wandering from town to town playing house parties, fish fries, roadhouses or street corners…anywhere they might be able to make a little money.  This band is about as good as it gets.  Solid blues, played straight from the heard with power and passion.  They play it like they mean it"

Reflections in Blue

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Blues Underground Network
Review by John Vermilyea

By the time that Corey Lueck And The Smoke Wagon Blues Band's stellar new release, "It Ain't Easy", had finally come up for review, I had already been grooving on this album for over a month. It had quickly become one of my favorites and most often played albums, as well as, one of the most requested of my friends when they came over for a visit.

Formed in 1997, Corey Lueck And The Smoke Wagon Blues Band, have been a perennial favorite of Southern Ontario, particularly the Hamilton area, known as a hub for great Blues for many years. They perform their unique blend of Chicago Blues, New Orleans Swing, and original material, all along featuring "Funky Harmonica, Whiskey Stained Vocals, Slick Guitar Work, and a Solid Rhythm Section ". With all this, Corey Lueck And The Smoke Wagon Blues Band, have managed to bring forward a unique and creative sound, that instantly becomes additive after only a short while of listening to.

"It Ain't Easy" consists of 15 great Tracks of which Corey Lueck is credited with co-writing all but one, along with Mike Stubbs. Other co-writing credits on a Track each go to Scott Silverthorn and Scott Pritchard. The one cover on "It Ain't Easy" is credited to Rudy Stevenson, whom in addition to Guitarist, mostly Jazz, "was a producer and manager and wrote songs for Nina Simone, George Benson, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Mann, and Dexter Gordon. He does not say a word about it. I just do music! That’s my job!, says the legendary and in the meantime 84-young guitarist ." Rudy Stevenson passed away in 2010.

Although Corey Lueck is a super accomplished Harp player, after listening to "It Ain't Easy", I must say that his true forte is his Vocals. His singing reminded me a lot of a toned down Joe Cocker, with that unique gritty edge. Additional singers on "It Ain't Easy", including Robin Banks, whom sang solo on Track 13, "Where Did I go Wrong" and with Corey on Track 8, "That Voodoo". Rhonda Davidson is credited with Backing Vocals Track 9, "Tongue Tied", as was Guitarists Mike Stubbs. In addition to Lueck and Stubbs, the other member of this trio is Steve Sherman on Drums, as well as Bass, on several Tracks. Additional musicians and performers included Robin Banks, Jesse O'Brien, Gordon Aeichele, Scott Pritchard, Nick Succi, and the Kingston St. Quartet.

"It Ain't Easy" had a lot of great music on it, including straight up classic Chicago Blues, Soulful Jazz, Rockin' Swingin' Boogie, Country Blues and More...

For my 3 Favorites, which by the way wasn't overly easy picking, due to the immense depth of "It Ain't Easy", were Track 3, "Josephine", Track 6, "Drinking Hard And Steady", and Track 15, "Drink By The Sink".

"Josephine", hooked me as soon as I heard Mike Stubbs kick in, from the beginning, on Dobro, and that along with Vocals, Horns, and Jesse O'Brien on Piano/Organ made for one great tune. A little reminenscent of a early 70's sound.

"Drinking Hard And Steady", instantly reminded of Brickhouse, one of my favorite Vancouver based bands, and not only was it my favorite Track on the album, it is a contender for my favorite song of the year. This Funky edged number has a brilliant and infectious back beat courtesy of Steve Sherman, great Bass/Sax from Gordon Aeichele, and once again, excellent Piano/Organ from Jesse O'Brien.

"Drink By The Sink" is the closer for "It Ain't Easy" and has a nice gritty raw feel to it, similar to Rollin' and Tumblin', but done a lot more down and dirty, with a slight distortion feel on Vocals, almost as if done through a megaphone. This was a great way to end the album and certainly left me with the feeling of wanting to hit the replay button and do it all over again.

After listening to "It Ain't Easy", I quickly decided to add it to my short list for Best Canadian Blues Album (Band) for 2012. It is a fabulous album from an equally fabulous band. This kind of stuff just doesn't come around on a daily basis anymore... Wow...

5***** for sure for this beauty... Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed...



An Interview with Corey Lueck & Mike Stubbs of Smoke Wagon: The Canadian boogie blues smokin' gun

A1 Blues: Interview with Corey Lueck

Wasser Prawda Magazin (Germany)

Blues, Boogie, exploring classic Rhythm & Blues and Soul: "It Ain't Easy" by Corey Lueck & The Smoke Wagon Band is a highly entertaining journey through the blues. And "Josephine" is a serious candidate for the blues song of the year is included...


Roc Doc Reviews
John "The Rock Doctor" Kereiff

This is the 5th release from the southern Ontario (Hamilton) based blues outfit. Chicago style blues is their stock in trade, and business is good.

As a vocalist Lueck reminds me somewhat of Jimmy Zee, and Mike Stubbs is a fine blues guitarist- his supple acoustic slide work on Hen House Hopping a particular highlight of the disc for me. Formed in 1997, the group released 3 independent discs leading up to 2006’s national release The Smoke Wagon Blues Band & Friends, and now southern Ontario’s blues treasure belongs to all of us.

“We created this album to speak our ‘truth’ and to share our emotional attachment to the music” says Lueck. “(It) reflects our heartache, joy and humour with feeling, excitement, and a little bit of prowess.” 15 tracks in all, It Ain’t Easy is everything you’d want in a blues record- from party blues like Devil Got My Woman to sultry, slow burning numbers along the lines of Downhearted Blues and everything in between. Close your eyes and you’ll be in some dirty little club somewhere- the dance floor packed and sweaty, the beer cold, and the night full of possibility.

Never staying in any one place too long, It Ain’t Easy is a blues journey worth taking.

TOP TRACKS: Down Hearted Blues, That Voodoo, Devil Got My Woman


Maple Blues Magazine
John Valenteyn

Hamilton’s best-kept secret is making a move. The Smoke Wagon Blues Band has been a mainstay there for well over a decade, releasing independent CDs and graduating from the Hess Street Village scene to larger venues & festivals. The lineup has been unusually steadyover that time, with Corey Lueck on vocals & harp and Mike Stubbs on guitar. They do almost all of the songwriting. Steve Pritchard on keyboards, Gord Aeichele on bass & sax and Gavin Robertson on drums are also long time members. Lueck gets top billing for his fine, whisky-stained vocals and his remarkable way with a blues ballad of which, happily, there are several. We can put this down to the Rod Stewart effect. It’s but a part of what they call a mix of ‘classic R&B, lowdown righteous blues, hypnotizing boogies & barn burners’. Whisky does indeed play a prominent part in their songs and the opener, “Devil Got My Woman” has her serving him bourbon for breakfast and he’s not complaining. “Hold On To You” is one of those ballads, with Pritchard on a string synthesizer. “Josephine” is an excellent grinder and the lead single. Guest Jesse O’Brien adds his inimitable piano/organ. They can do acoustic too, with “Hen House Hopping” serving as a perfect vehicle for Lueck’s double entendre lyrics. “Down Hearted Blues” is not quite what you’re expecting but an original long, slow blues featuring the horns of the Kingston St. Quartet and a good solo from Stubbs. “It Ain’t Easy (to lose the one you love)” is the best of those ballads, with Lueck at his finest and more help from the horns. “That Voodoo” is a duet, Lueck with Robin Banks, over a swampy rhythm cushion. Banks sounds great on these film noir lyrics and Lueck solos powerfully on amplified harp. Add “Damaged Time” to that ballad list. Ms. Banks gets a solo vocal on “Where Did I Go Wrong” as Lueck sits one out in a most generous gesture and she does not disappoint. “Drink By The Sink” is the closer, with Lueck singing through his harp mike over Stubbs’ dobro – a gorgeous and all too short slab of country blues. The web site is www.smokewagonbluesband.com  and it shows no Toronto dates, maybe we’ll just have to go to Hamilton!

The new ablum has been making a great splash on the blues scene world wide, here are some other nice reviews:

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YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=harpdoglueck&oq=harpdoglueck&gs_l=youtube.3...3491.18902.0.20283.