It's here folks!  The Smoke Wagon Blues Band "Live In Hamilton" LP. Over 70 minutes of live blues! Recorded at Hamilton's famous Stonewalls Music Hall by Capacity's AV Geoffry Granka and Bruce Cook. Produced and Mixed by Steve Sherman and Mastered by the legendary Nick Blagona. Don't miss out on grabbing your self a copy of some of the finest live blues this side of the Mason-Dixon line. Click here! or get it from I tunes right here: Itunes

Wow "Live in Hamilton" has been making a big splash world wide, blues fans calling it one of the best live blues they've heard in years. Make sure to check out our media page for the latest reviews on "Live in Hamilton" and "It Ain't Easy" 

                               The Smoke Wagon Blues Band are proud to be apart of the Frank Roszak Promotion team!
                                                      Winner of the Blues with a feeling award! 


"It Ain't Easy" was nominated for the Blues Recording of the Year by the HMA. We're truly honoured to be included with such notable artists as Andre Bisson, Guitar Mikey, Harrison Kennedy and Steve Strongman!

The album has also been burning up the radio airplay charts hitting #2 on the Canadian Roots Chart and #13 on the USA "Top 50" Blues Chart.

          Check out the CD here: Check it out    Listen to free previews here:

What the critics are saying:

5 out of 5:  "... one of my favorites and most often played albums... one of the most requested... contender for my favorite song of the year... Highly Recommended ..." (John Vermilyea, Blues Underground Network)

"... killer CD full of great riffs, woeful harmonica cries and masterful instrumentation... BUY  IT "
(Dan Harr, Music News Nashville)

" ...Well paced, fun, poignant and a great addition to anyone’s collection.  Buy  it..." (Blues 411)

4 out of 5:  "...rounded, mature and just the thing to tempt the taste buds of those uptown twelve bar fans of bygone days... That, brothers and sisters, is the way to do it. Live it, smoke it and sing it out loud and proud." (Bluesbunny Music Reviews, Scotland)
"... thing of beauty... blues explosion...  as good as they come." (Brian Koppen, Muzik Reviews)

8 out of 10: "... one good deal... an enjoyable experience."  (Paul Kalis, Blues Rock Review)

"...highly entertaining journey ...  serious candidate for blues song of the year"
(Bluespfaffe, Wasser Prawda Magazin, Germany)

"... blimey, but it's good... a great record from beginning to end, and the ideal soundtrack to your next party." (Zeitgeist,

"...should have been nominated in the Maple Blues Awards. It is definitely one of my favorite canadian albums ...." (Jean-Pierre Petit "L'Hôtel Du Blues", CKUT 90,3 FM Montréal)

"...remarkable ... Lueck at his finest"  (John Valenteyn, Maple Blues Magazine)

"... utterly heart-wrenching... It’s all honest and unpretentious... It’s very real, and it’s very good." 
(John Taylor, Blinded by Sound)

"... the pace is exciting... Very expressive...rhythmic... atmosphere is excellent... blues classic... captivating..." (Jean Claude Mondo, MusicZine, France)

"...  everything you’d want in a blues record... a blues journey worth taking..." 
(John "The Rock Doctor" Kereiff, Rock Doc Reviews)

"... real entertaining recording... a good CD end to end."  (Bman's Blues Report)

"...high caliber musicians... extremely varied...  absolutely honest and captivating ... Hearing is believing! " 
(Blues Borders,  Folk Bulletin)

"... accomplished what they set out to do... shown the blues world ... strong originals with excellent musicianship!"  (Don & Sheryl Crow's Blues Blog)

Josephine live in Ottawa

I Can't Change live in Ottawa

The Barber Shop Pod Cast

Fine Furred Momma live in Waterdown 

Tongue Tied Live/ SWBB with The Sil Simone Band 

Merry Christmas/ Candy Cane Swing

In The Studio with Corey Lueck & Mike Stubbs

Drink By The Sink/ in the studio with Mike & Corey 

Hen House Hopping/ Corey Lueck with The James Anthony Band 

I Can't Change/ Corey Lueck with The James Anthony Band 

Wrong Side Girl/ Corey Lueck with The James Anthony Band 

Fine Furred Momma/ Corey Lueck With The James Anthony Band 

Down Hearted Blues/ Corey Lueck With The James Anthony Band 

Tongue Tied

Josephine Pre Mixed the last gold rush/ Yukon 

Downhearted Blues

Born in Chicago

Hit the Road Jack (acoustic jam)

Sound Check Jam Session

I Can't Change

The Devil Got My Woman

Fine Furred Momma

Smokin' Conrad's Harp Boogie